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Does it make sense at all to spend time building your great idea?

Worldwide there are currently more than 1.2 billion children in 186 countries are attending classes online. According to the survey done by "themuse" ,about 90 percent student quit online classes. (Link of survey - We are forced to find alternative for the classroom teaching in online conferencing platforms and video tutorials. And this is the problem because online classes and the pre-recorded lectures are not interactive like a classroom teaching, hence they are quite boring to attend, because pre-recorded video lectures kills creativity.We sometimes do not have the same environment as the instructor hence it hampers the learning and many students give up. The bandwidth is also an issue, because watching online videos at a good resolution and conferencing requires a good amount of bandwidth and when it comes developing countries and in some parts of the word it is not sufficient hence can hamper learning of a user quite a lot. Their are various educators all over the globe who expertise in teaching but their class room teaching is limited to their geographic areas. There is a need of global educational platform that can minimic and if possible be better than class room teaching. As a student myself and seeing the performance in my college and fellow batchmates, we desperately need a platform thats not an alternative to classroom teaching but a upgrade to classroom teaching.

Is it usable?

My grandmother and my five year old nephew can use it,when build properly. Just in 72 hours we were able to build a UI for our application that can help users to navigate to our product, it's no way to near to complettion and full of bugs, but it can act as proof of concept on how easy it is. Hosted Link - a. For instructor to record a screencast tutorial, is like using any recorder, just hit "Record" and after recording just hit "Play" . It will be saved to database automatically. Screenshots 1. 2. b. For students end we go tutorial section click on any course we want to watch, go to course content and start watching. Hosted Link - Screenshots 1. c. for low bandwidth video conferencing, instructor can just create a room, start teaching.. and invite others by sharing the link. Hosted Link - Screenshots 1. 2.

Is it doable?

Yes, we were able to build a proof of concept where instead of recording each pixel of screen in normal screencast, we recorded only the changes that were happening in the screen, and the initial screen,on which changes were being made. Hence providing a newer and innovative way for instructor to record the lectures. Because of lack of time we started with web developement tutorials , where a instructor will be provided with a normal code editor and a compiler and just two extra option of "Record" and "Open Mediaplayer" When are recording the events happening on his screen and then again playing them using on the virtual DOM of react.js Using this a 10 min HTML tutorial only took 334kB, unlike pixelated tutorials, size of whose will be quite large. Link of the video - Link of the recorder - The same concept of recording events can be applied to other applications also and not limited to browser. This was all done in 72 hrs. In a year or two, with help of talented people we can develope it to a sperate windows ,ios and android application, and we be able to record lectures of other subjects.

Is it sustainable? Show us you can make your idea work long term.

In this human civilization, their will always be the need of knowledge sharing, transfering to future generations. We have two Unique selling points in our platforms 1. Low bandwidth learning 2. Interactivity like a class room in a video. Even in 10 - 15 years when world well be free of internet issues and everyone would have good internet, the interactivity between students and instuctor on our platform well still add meaning to students life. Note that we talking about far fetched future here, because as of now, 4 billion people in the world don't have a decent internet connection. (Link to the article -

How innovative is it?

a.It is new compared to the ways followed now our solution requiring fewer data to save and provides interactive nature to a lecture and is suitable for new learners. b.This was realized by the team when we were learning react and found the concept of virtual dom c.our code editor that we build for proof of concept is somewhat similar to codepen,but whats important is underlying principal,and that is new.

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