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We identified 3 main problems students face today: P1: Gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation P2: Lack of relevant practical experience when seeking first full-time job P3: Uncertainty related to the career path the student wants to follow in the future These problems imply that there is a need to better connect students with project based assignments while they are pursuing their studies, allowing them to experiment, learn, and earn with real companies. Subsequently, receiving a quantitative ranking and qualitative badges on their profile, enabling them to climb up the Pro ladder, which will result in an increased chance of appearing in the Artificially intelligent recommendation for future projects. Our main customer will be companies that are looking for short-term collaboration for projects: 1. For an affordable price 2. Customized to the project requirements 3. Access to a team of young proactive students 4. Have the accompaniment of a university representative As opposed to working on internships, with our platform, students will work on projects (few hours based on their time availability, allowing them to have a friendly schedule, as the AI tool would connect projects to specific teams based on many attributes, including their time availability, academic background, technical knowledge, scoring, and more). The user interface was found to be simple and easy to navigate by our sample testers.

Is it usable?

We try to make the UIs of the platform simple so that provides a clear UX to users. We have already buildt a web-based platform prototype and everything works well. At the same time, we have uploaded our platform code to the host, so everyone can access it. So it actually works. In the future we will add AI and machine learning tools on it to optimize the matching process. We found three unbiased participants who are familiar with education. They play different roles: student, company HR and university staff. The company's task is to fill in a form regarding project requirements, the student's task is to have an updated profile, and the university's career service is responsible for dealing with the bureaucracies of the contractual process. During the testing session, we went into specifics and tried to find out from our users if certain features and functionalities were user friendly. We sent them our platform link and conducted the test via zoom. In a thinking aloud test, we asked test participants to use our platform to complete several tasks while continuously thinking out loud — that is, simply verbalizing their thoughts as they move through the user interface. Volunteers shared their screen and set up camera so we can observe the volunteers' facial expressions. After testing, the 5 volunteers provided a positive feedback to us. Although some functions are expected to be embedded in the future. They thought it is easy to use and the information architecture is clear.

Is it doable?

We need to have a fully developed interactive web-based platform, powered by AI, allowing students to register their profiles with certain characteristics, companies to fill in questionnaires related to the project needs, and via artificial intelligence, form combinations of best teams for the projects in question belonging to the university that the company selects (by simply clicking on it's university of choice which appear in order of rankings on the platform). The follow-up is expected to take place by the career service of universities. For now, our prototype is based on some manual intervention of the career office for sending the proposals to companies. In the future, we expect to embed AI and Machine learning to carry out the sorting and arrangement of teams for instant recommendation to the company, which will then be subject to a follow-up by the career services office for the legal and contractual process. Our financial returns are going to be based on a commission taken from the company's budgets per project. The amount besides the commission belongs to the university and it is up to the universities how to distribute it among the students team, academic supervisor (who will guide the students for the project duration, ensuring a smooth transition from theory to practice, timeliness, and quality assurance) and career office.

Is it sustainable? Show us you can make your idea work long term.

Financially Business model based on a 15% commission charged from the budgets of the company projects. Remained transferred to the university for subsequent distribution among the team, keeping members motivated by providing compensation for their contributions. Socially Grouping students into a team, and providing them an academic supervisor for the duration of the project is expected creating a social bond between various teams, allowing them to network not only internally with fellow university mates but also with real companies where they are going to carry out the project based assignments. Environmentally Option for going digital (home office), which not only allows us to stay in touch, but also working more productively, while breaking any geographical barriers that existed until 2019. Allowing on-site as well as digital collaboration without the need of travelling, hence reducing the global footprint, while keeping members safe from the risk of contagion.

How innovative is it?

Direct competitors: 1. CVUT: Mission of allowing students to work on projects, however is limited to the Czech Republic. Simple service, no AI matching, no scoring system. 2. Inspiringthefuture: International portal connecting volunteer teachers with schools to share practical experience. It does not compensate students, nor allows them accompanied projects. 3. LinkedIn: Oriented more towards building a network of contacts, allowing candidates to connect with employers. No combination of teams based on their attributes (current ranking, technical skills, academic background, project aspirations and more) for project assignments. TeamPro, is global in nature and unique in terms of the value proposition for companies and students (AI matchmaking, machine learning, scoring system and networking) allowing companies to work with young proactive and affordable talent, and students to gain practical knowledge while learning, earning, and improving their ranks on the platform.

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