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Does it make sense at all to spend time building your great idea?

Absolutely! There are lots of highschoolers who have a great idea and want to create something, but they just don’t know how to start or donť have any appropriate guidance. This we know not only from our experience working with high schoolers (as leisure time teachers) but also from an Instagram survey that was filled by almost 50 highschoolers during this weekend. We know that 68% of highschoolers would rather spend their own time working on projects than doing so at school and only 3% of them all would use school as a source of advice. 84% would love to get some help but only 37% of them would be willing to pay for it - hence we made it free. Also 81% of highschoolers would not mind learning to use a new platform in exchange for good advice. So there is some hunger for such a project from highschoolers but what about mentors and companies? Companies could up their charity and education game by participating and also find great potential employees and test them even before they start working. Mentors on the other hand will be motivated by having an opportunity to spend the time that they have dedicated for children and charity by their company in a meaningful way. Also potentially finding their new colleagues. And the great feeling of helping others is good too. In future when Projectly gets widespread it will make a lot of sense to schools to offload their student projects to our platform. It will save them work and make the experience better for the students.

Is it usable?

From a technical perspective it is “just” a website similar to Google Classroom or Hangouts but better. Thanks to being a website it works on any platform - even mobile. It is as simple and user friendly as possible to ensure smooth transition for the user to the new environment. We had a long discussion about everything that could go wrong with this project, and there were many, but we solved all of them one by one.

Is it doable?

Yes for sure the main things we need are the platform which is “easily” doable. Just wit hu few designers and programmers. The biggest problem would be to get mentors, we achive it by talking to big companies offering them a place in our program. Once such a big company joins our program, small businesses will trust us more and will be more likely to participate too. That’s how we’re planning to get our mentors. Students will know about PROJECTIFY from their school, which will be contacted by the Ministry of Education. But our mentor told us that they are not really reliable so if this won’t work out, we will contact schools directly. Also, we will launch advertisements on social media for a bigger outreach.

Is it sustainable? Show us you can make your idea work long term.

The hardest step will be the initial investment, creating the app and the web. Everything else is self sustainable. Mentors are paid by their companies and students are mentoring as part of school. We think that lots of university students will use this platform to help others, so there will always be someone who would use this platform. Maintaining the web will be financed from educational budgets or by tech companies that will benefit from this project. As answered in previous questions, the longer the project will work, the better the outreach will be. More and more students and mentors will join as the platform is growing and getting more reputable in the education and project field.

How innovative is it?

Projectly as a complete solution is our very own idea. However it combines some aspects from today's world. We got for example inspired by Google Classroom, Google Meet, Trello and Slack. The innovation lies in the linking of people by AI and powering the net by charity or voluntary work, which is often needed in life. It also defines how you will work on projects in the future and connect to others. It has also so many more possibilities and abilities for the future.

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