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Does it make sense at all to spend time building your great idea?

Yes, it always makes sense to implement a great idea. Our idea not only combines every knowledge exchange facility under one app, it also provides various opportunities for different users i.e. students, mentors, institutions ,N.G.O.'s companies etc. All of the above listed will be benefited by our app with a well-planned linkup among them. The linkup among them, how to link all of them, how they can be interconnected to make the best use of knowledge and lube the process of knowledge exchange. That's the basic idea behind our app.

Is it usable?

Yes ,of course , it is a platform of great use. It has the potential to be a connecting link between different parts of knowledge preachers and recievers. And woohooooo!!, it was the basic idea, to connect the right person to right community for better exchange and use of knowledge. Our app will act as a community full of knowledge for the betterment of the user.

Is it doable?

Yes, if implemented, our idea has the potential to be the next billion dollar startup. we can bring it to reality ,as far as app development is concerned. We will need help in licenses and certifications.

Is it sustainable? Show us you can make your idea work long term.

Yes, it is sustainable, of course. We will explain it. Financially, it will just cost data for someone to look possible opportunities for him//her. if he/she enrolls , then also , the cost of courses and knowledge exchange will be less as compared to traditional way of knowledge exchange(as we dont need that much maintenance like electricity bill ,lease amount, fuel(commutation) etc. Enormous amount of money will be saved. Socially, Our app can be a blessing for many out there. One person from U.K. can have a mentor who is residing in U.S.A. Internships and job opportunities will also lube socialization. In a long run, our app can increase socialization even among the left out communities. Environmentally, As our app will require less resources and will provide a great deal of outcomes. One just needs to invest data and little time and they will acquire a new set of skills, a new job, a new student, and much more. Our app will rock everywhere for knowledge exchange.

How innovative is it?

Our idea can't be scaled. One of the most innovative ideas of today. Yes, it is possible that we won't be able to explain it virtually through these prototypes and all. But our idea is a billion dollar idea and we will continue to work on it. Currently, there is no such app or website which is a 1 stop solution for all knowledge exchange categories. be it institutions, mentors, students, and every one out there. We have provided messaging facilities also for the sake of ease of connecting with the right people.

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