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SuperConnect App

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Does it make sense at all to spend time building your great idea?

We did a lot of research. Talked to different people to know more about the problem and to validate that we did a survey in our own university. From the 190 responses we got, we figured out target audience who are the learners from different walks of life trying to search for a Co-learner/Mentor. We asked whether they would like to use such an app which makes them connect easily and to our surprise close to 90% of those wanted such an app to exist and some of them were ready to pay for it too. So, we went ahead and tried our best to come up something similar to what they desire. Link to the survey-

Is it usable?

We were in constant talks with our mentors and the potential users to work on to make the best possible UI which can be used by any learner from any part of the world. We have tried to make user friendly by putting a lot of commonly usable icons and images to guide the user through. The prototype of the same is already shared by us for your reference.

Is it doable?

Currently we have already created clickable prototype for the all the screens and features still we would need the following to bring the app to reality 1- We just want a bunch of App developers and ML engineers to work on the app 2- A team to market and advertise it well.

Is it sustainable? Show us you can make your idea work long term.

Financially, 1.Subscription revenue model ( For some of the pro-feature , like find an investor, connect with more than 5 mentors, attend a webinar) 2. Freemium policy for resources and videos, 3. Commission on the mentorship fees 4. Knowledge Base (courses on various skills building) These revenue streams should easily have all the investment costs covered and the model can be sustainable. Socially, 1. Keeping people active through Gamification 2. Creating a Community where people share the referral with each other to make it popular among the masses. 3. People can find events nearby and meet each other in person. Environmentally, We will be offering certain courses and mentors to spread the awareness about different burning environmental issues like Pollution and Global Warming.

How innovative is it?

To our Knowledge there are not many platforms where they have the Learners, Co- Learners and the Mentors on the smallest of topics and subtopics on a single platform. And we also validated that from the Survey we did. So we analyzed various pain point areas and came up with some unique solutions : a. 1:1 Mentorship b. Grp co-learners c. Job referrals d. Offline/online events to showcase their talents or network with people. e. Using Machine Learning , we recommend resources , mentors and co-learners based on the user's skill set. f. 1:1 interaction with investors and industry experts g. 1:1 mentorship for Artists h. 1:1 interview prep i. Relevant courses to develop different skills " We Matchmake so that you can Connect, Meet, Learn and Grow Together. "

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