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Does it make sense at all to spend time building your great idea?

Yes. Project based-learning (PBL) is fantastic method with great results especially in terms of engagement of student’s motivations and past experience Our PBL platform will be used by high-school students and their teachers. The problem with PBL is that it is very expensive in terms of preparation time and requires lots of teacher’s imagination in order to come up with projects that are exciting and up-to-date with current science. Our idea is to provide a platform that has assignments for different key real-world problems where students do their research by reading automatically aggregated and curated learning materials. Their task is to answer questions about the given technology and its application that they themselves have posed in order to solve the given problems We have talked to 10 high-schools students and 8 said they would like to work with our platform. They especially liked the advanced topics that were explained in terms of real-world applications, the depth of the research materials we showed as examples and how they can assign tasks within the team

Is it usable?

Yes. Students we talked to did not have any problems understanding the phases through which every project needs to pass through. They appreciated the ability to change viewpoints from problems to questions to solutions, etc. and how everything is interconnected. Thus you can create a question, let the AI find you the most relevant concepts, let the crowd recommend you the most relevant resources that explain the given concept in context of the topic application, create tasks for teammates to pick up about that what the team should try to learn from the given resource or comment on what you think is important about something you read.

Is it doable?

Yes. The most critical elements of the technical solution are the UX and the AI. The AI will be based on word-embedding models like BERT which is a well known technology. The content will be curated by us in beginning, then teachers, then students themselves because they will be required to cite their notes with a specific resources. Legally we will partner with an institution like Springer.

Is it sustainable? Show us you can make your idea work long term.

Yes. We will create a prototype by bootstrapping, then join a project like and test our solution in a smaller sample of schools. Then we will ask for funding from the state, EU or private foundation.

How innovative is it?

The major innovation in our platform will be: intelligent adaptation/improvement of content that is presented to the learner. Via ML we will be able to analyze the learner's pain points and subsequently, we will be able to improve the corresponding/respective explanations. The main source for the collection of data points will be the "comment"-functionality. Two other innovations will be: an intuitive and clean guidance through the user-interfaces a collaborative functionality for users to learn both individuall and as a group ("learning through teaching")

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