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Does it make sense at all to spend time building your great idea?

TEACHER: If a tool is created that supports the evaluation and self-assessment of teachers and students, assesment will become an active tool for changing education. A playful and fun form can motivate students to pay more attention to self-assessment and think mainly about its content and not the form. The same goes for teachers. It will focus on the content and use of assessment to move students, as it will save energy on processing. CZECHITAS: I think the idea of the “Experio” team is very interesting and the intention of their project is very important. The connection of the curriculum with emotions or experiences certainly has a positive effect on subsequent learning, for example in the case of preparation for graduation or entrance exams to a higher school level. In addition, a uniform format could be an interesting elaboration of an interactive CV, which would certainly have a high informative value for a potential employer. I can imagine using this portfolio in my own teaching.

Is it usable?

We technically checked everything and validate with our children, teachers, mentors...

Is it doable?

Of course, we can bring to reality. We need to get customers and start doing it globally so that everyone makes sense for paying.

Is it sustainable? Show us you can make your idea work long term.

The project is sustainable both financially, socially and from an environmental point of view. It would be an application paid for by companies to easily get the right employees quickly. Also people who would protome thier courses in aplication would pay for it.

How innovative is it?

We came up with the whole idea ourselves when we were dealing with the idea....what is missing in education and what young people should know when they leave school... young students do not know their value and it is a big problem... A lot of people have ideas about how they have to evaluate students... but the students should to know about their own value.

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