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Does it make sense at all to spend time building your great idea?

a). We are building a platform which can preserve human knowledge for generations to come with dedicated blockchain service which is immutable, decentralized & secure. Along with that we are helping people learn endangered arts with an equally passionate community. We also help the craftsman to lead a prideful life from his craft and provide financial support by sale of it. We also promote the craft through our platform, in general, which would lead to higher sales in the craft. b). We are creating a digital repository of human knowledge which can sustain for centuries. Any one with a passion towards that craft can use our platform. To name a few, it can be used by individuals, government, organization, researchers, universities etc. c) We find out that countries right now spending 100s of million on storing on dedicated servers, only to realize it can be hacked and practically can never be used by anyone for learning. But we by combining blockchain that rewards miners to store not just recent but any random block of data from the past, help us solve the problem of storing data till eternity and tools specifically built to access that data courses through VR and a dedicated community of learners make it more accessible at the same time.

Is it usable?

Yes. Users don’t have to worry about the tech. We make the courses and store them till where as user experience at the front-end is similar to just any other ed tech platform where as the back-end where we thrive. And users get an option to learn these courses both in the form of simple videos or experience it in VR.

Is it doable?

a). Yes, through our tech experience and our network of universities/organizations we can turn this into reality. b). We have a team in place to handle various aspects of business and tech but we will need to collaborate with research groups to tackle cultural and historical aspects of developing courses.

Is it sustainable? Show us you can make your idea work long term.

Financially it is sustainable as storage cost of the data is decreasing in proportion to Moore's law. As they have decreased by over 30% in the last 20 years. Even if this rate falls below 0.5% we shall be able to store this for at least next 200 years, considering feasibility for our miners. Socially, it is important to have a learning platform that rewards people to embrace human heritage and at the same time generate income through providing real life value. Plus having information that is immutable, decentralized and secure is an added benefit. Environmentally, there are no drawbacks.

How innovative is it?

a). Yes this is a new idea. b). The realization of using deep tech like blockchain to permanently store the data on the web but combination of this data for a unique learning experience, simply does not exist till now. c). Partly it is inspired from the idea of a permanent web.

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