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Does it make sense at all to spend time building your great idea?

Lack of unofficial communication, cooperation between (high) schools is more than obvious. There are plenty of official teacher chapters often more than two per subject. Primarily students of high schools, to compete in non-school & school activities. Gamification and using a funny part of the platform for onboarding will attract our first users; afterwards spread of mouth will work in our favor. There are already some school communities on discord, school club or school are two of three top templates on discord, so we are not building something new, just promoting/moderating the idea.

Is it usable?

Discord has 250 millions of users, that says a lot about usability. Largest server has 733,911 users in it, that’s impressive. There’ll be some challenges, trolls, moderated discussions etc., but Discord has plenty of tools to fight those.

Is it doable?

To prepare the environment is the easy part. Most of the effort goes to promotion/marketing of the idea. We are going to start low profile, take a Vysočina region and onboard some students from various schools, then only the sky's the limit.

Is it sustainable? Show us you can make your idea work long term.

No big cost to run the community, the idea is to delegate manual tasks to verified members and to concentrate on shared content such as tournaments, project shout-outs etc. Biggest issue we foresee are trolls or other internet beasts, we count on the possibility to report unfriendly user behaviour and to block such users. Terms and conditions and code of conduct, will be crucial in this. Discord is already burning a lot of electricity and generates some CO2, but a couple more users of our server should be fine.

How innovative is it?

Not really a new IDEA, just spreading a common pattern here in Czechia. There are some other ways to connect students & schools, but use discord as a platform and concentrating on community building feels like a good way to proceed. Inspiration comes from various communities around games, all the single school discord servers out there and platforms such as thewonderment,,, or even facebook campus & linked in. Cross school informal communication is just natural and we want to bring it online.

Extra stuff
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