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Does it make sense at all to spend time building your great idea?

http://"Looking at the problems faced by the students these days, this idea will be a great help to them. Our web app would help users to find mentors according to their choices and field of interest. It will also help group people with common interests to get into healthy discussions and helping each other in the required areas. The system both record the progress of student and mentor in the form of a graph at a regular interval. Moreover, our platform will be available in various different languages starting at least with 10 different global languages making it easier for users from even remote areas of the world. We would employ mentors delivering lectures in these languages which will further broaden employment facilities. This idea will definitely create history by increasing global literacy rates. Education can become accessible at each and every place in various languages. There is a utter need in educating people at a global perspective."

Is it usable?

Yes it will definitely be usable as there will be various categories of audience to our platform. Language always be utilized as a powerful factor. Maximum users are from rural world who are not conversant with English. This will create a healthy opportunity for all of them to be able to learn at the ease of their own language. The targeted users will definitely turn up if such an web app comes to the picture.

Is it doable?

"Yes this idea can be brought into reality by the help of web development and machine learning. By the help of machine learning we can create a recommender system which finds a suitable expert for the particular user. The ML model will take as input a dataset of student and experts with information about their skills, field of interest, location, preferred language etc. This is mostly text data. So we need to process this data and find keywords for each student and expert. From these keywords we are going to find correlation between a particular student and experts. And suggest a mentor based on high correlation score. For grouping the students a similar approach can be used or we can use clustering algorithms like k-means clustering to group students having common interest. Then for solving the language problem the Google translator API can be used which will provide the webpage in the preferred language. And for lectures we can initially include subtitles in some of the popular languages in world and then further expand the list. For performance analysis the graphical representation can be done by using python libraries like matplotlib or seaborn. Surely we will be needing external help for funding. We also need help from online platforms and institutes to provide us with online courses and for recruitment of experts. We also need a good hosting platform for our website and help for maintenance of our app."

Is it sustainable? Show us you can make your idea work long term.

"First of all , education sector is a never-ending business. Next we are are creating a versatile platform with a high scalability factor due to the addition of new languages each day in which lectures and platform will be accessible, thus helping society to grow in terms of education. We will have fee waiver scholarship tests for people who have annual family income less than 150 - 160 $. We can also get funding from different central governments. We will be hiring mentors with a simple criteria that their video lectures streaming should get at least a fixed number of views in the probation period. If this is fulfilled they are open to work with us with flexible work hours in both part and full time. This way we will have maximum number of freshers charging a little lesser than market pricing. We would be providing them extra advantages like promoting them and providing them leads and insights, etc. This platform will be completely online and hence eco-friendly in every possible way. "

How innovative is it?

We would definitely agree that there are various other online global platforms who provide paid education but our vision is unique in it's own way adding new feather to the chapter of online education. We have a global vision entitled to help everyone irrespective of their region, language, financial status, etc. This will also emerge as a good business strategy.

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