Project title:

Project based learning with virtual reality

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Project learning

Project submission:

Pitch video
Does it make sense at all to spend time building your great idea?

Is there a need for your idea? Project learning is more often a method of learning students in many schools. We would like to show how we can improve this method by using virtual reality. Show how can collaborate students and mentors in VR and solve complex real world probles in safe environment of VR. Who and why will use your idea? Our ideas will use public schools - middle schools and universities and too companies which provides mentors, which will collaborate with students on their tasks. Prove it by research, or talking to actual customers. These ideas is proved by many reaserch how VR learning can improve students knowledge, By PWC study VR learning is 4x more faster than traditional classroom learning. By others studies collaborate in VR save environment and save travel costs.

Is it usable?

Technically - think through if it actually works Yes, all technologies which we used already works. We combined these technologies to compact solution which solve problem project based learning. From a UX perspective - validate with users Yes - technologies which we used in this project are used by many students, teachers and companies

Is it doable?

Can you bring it to reality? Yes, all technologies already exists. We connect them to compact packet to solve this problem What do you need to bring it to reality by yourself or do you need help? We would like to be connected to schools, show them these VR applications.

Is it sustainable? Show us you can make your idea work long term.

Financially - we would need to get finance to licenses for using VR applications, Socially - it is too effective solution for social aspects. Collaboration in VR improve effectiveness of our solutions Environmentally - yes, it is too environmentally sustainable. When we enable cooperation in VR, students and mentors can not travel and safe environment

How innovative is it?

Is it - to Your knowledge NEW idea? - all technologies which we use already exists, but combination of these technologies is NEW, we prepared information webpages, and preparing webinars Is it realization of a concept that you saw somewhere else? - some part we see anywhere, but whole concept connect all VR app is NEW Is it inspired by something working somewhere else - yes, we inspired in currect description of project based learning and improve it by new technologies of virtual reality

Extra stuff
Link to prototype or whatever the team submited