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Does it make sense at all to spend time building your great idea?

Where there are students there is a need for networks, students have to bear the load of coursework, and in the case of university freshmen, they need to adjust to a new environment. This is something we want to help them with. We conducted our own research with over 400 respondents throughout all major czech universities that shows that students who are satisfied with their network are more content with their academic results, have a better mental health and are less likely to drop out and will get better grades. But there are many students who don’t have sufficient social networks. The group we are most interested in are university students who want to create a social network and communicate with their peers, participate in projects as well as create new ones.

Is it usable?

We have created mockups of the main communication forms Student Hub will be using. Our core functions will be based on intelligent matchmaking algorithms, linking individual users with projects through a personalized periodical. These projects will be submitted through a questionnaire, both documents are included in the supplementary PDF at the end of this form.

Is it doable?

We will be building on a base of a growing community with over 300 people interested in what we have to offer. We’re already managing two clubs - Anime klub! (Anime club) and Societa Role-Hracích Her (Role-playing Games Society) - with more, e.g. managers’, esports and debate clubs on their way.

Is it sustainable? Show us you can make your idea work long term.

Student Hub is a self fueling engine, the projects we create are open for all people to attend and draw benefits from. They will also serve as a main gateway for new students to their college life. Through providing help to the first years we are able to engage them in our activities and projects and thus we are able to guarantee social sustainability. Financially our project is not demanding. We will be able to fund most of our activities through support of partnered universities, research organisations and industries, and later we hope that start-ups and other projects that came to life in Student Hub will give back to the community. Student Hub will actively address issues of environmental sustainability by incorporating such topics into the package that we will offer as a part of our know-how sharing.

How innovative is it?

This project has been inspired by how regular student clubs work elsewhere in the world. We decided that we want to allow a place for groups to grow everywhere through this structure that is more of a big community than a single club. By providing a dynamic space for smaller groups to thrive, we are making something truly innovative. We are creating a unique community that is centered around intelligent matchmaking. We want to transcend the boundaries of faculties, universities and even countries, giving our members an opportunity to access a smart and flexible network of active and like minded individuals from all over the world who have common ideals and goals and who will help the world forward.

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